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GLIA 2024 Scholarship Winners


Madyson Maynard

Amount: 2000$

From: Westlake, OH

College: Marietta College (Physician Assistant Program)

Thank You Letter:

Dear Great Lakes Ice Association,

Thank you so much for the opportunity to apply for the Great Lakes Ice Association Scholarship. Being awarded this scholarship has immensely aided in paying my tuition as I head to Marietta for graduate school. This scholarship has lessened my stress of paying for school and has made me more excited to become a Physician Assistant and earn my Masters in Physician Assistant Studies. Again, thank you so much for this opportunity. I greatly appreciate it. 

Thank you, 

Madyson Maynard 


Winning Essay:

Life goals are set by those who wish to accomplish them by putting in the work needed to do so. As a young child with dreams of becoming an artist or a teacher, I never thought my life would be where it is today. I’ve accomplished personal life goals such as graduating high school and attending college to earn a degree that would determine my future. Though these goals were accomplished, no one mentions the bumps in the road that set goals further back. When bumps in the road appear, new goals must be set to overcome the challenges. The first bump in the road I approached was the passing of my grandparents when I was a sophomore in high school. My best friends would not be there to attend my goal of graduating. Though this was the toughest part of my life, I reached my goal and graduated high school. I was enlightened by the medical field and determined that I was going to college as a Pre-Med student. I set a new goal to graduate with a Bachelor’s in Science and a Pre-Medicine major with dreams of becoming a doctor. I hoped that one day I could find the reason my grandmother passed away unexpectedly and help families in similar situations as mine. 

As a young teenager curious to find a job that would fit around my chaotic soccer schedule, I started working for an ice company. I stacked bags of ice and loaded box trucks before practice. In addition to learning communication and teamwork from 13 years of soccer, I learned how to be a leader and how to be organized. After four years of working inside the shop, I reached my goal of becoming a driver and delivering the ice to customers myself. As a female truck driver, I opened my eyes to aspects of the working world I had never seen before. One afternoon, I delivered to a Speedway gas station. A man approached me, asked if I needed help, and said, “I have never seen a girl drive a truck like that.” I saw the sneer on his face as he did not believe I could do my job. After many similar experiences, I matured, learned self-awareness, gained confidence, and most importantly, realized I was able to adapt to whatever challenge was brought my way. 

When I was 12 years old, I started assisting my dad in his electrical and plumbing work. I enjoy learning many skills that some women would not. I can proudly say that I know how to change a light fixture and replace a hot water tank, goals that I set for myself as I started assisting my dad. After working with my dad, I realized how to be a great listener, and that I can truly achieve whatever I put my mind to. 

As I struggle to pass organic chemistry during my sophomore year in undergrad, I ponder reaching my goal of graduating. Just as my test scores started to show an upward trend, COVID-19 became a bump in the road. I moved home from the University of Dayton and set a new goal to get through this pandemic, keep my grades up, and find a healthcare-related job. I received a position at a nursing home as an STNA where I began learning basic bedside care and emphasizing active listening as a healthcare worker during COVID-19. This central component of patient care helped me build connections with my patients and provided an opportunity to build their trust in my care. Making connections with my patients brought joy to the experience and provided a source of deeper purpose for the work I was doing. 

With many other significant patient care experiences throughout undergrad, such as a medical mission trip to Panama, and volunteering in a nearby hospital at Dayton, I successfully reached my goal of graduating from the University of Dayton with a Bachelor’s Degree in Science, majoring in Pre-Medicine and minoring in Medicine in Society. My next goal was to apply to medical school and become a doctor. After graduation, I started working at a hospital as a nurse’s aide in a Pediatric Psychiatry Unit. I pondered if medical school was the right choice for me as physician assistant (PA) school was another amazing option. This decision was the newest bump in the road for me. Though I had planned on only taking one gap year, the application process for medical school was long and stressful. I compared the pros and cons of waiting another year and applying to PA school or continuing to apply to medical school. After many hours of pondering, my gut told me to wait and apply to PA school as I would have a better work-life balance and still do what I love, helping people. My newest life goal was to apply to PA school and become a certified PA. My goal was reached when I was accepted into the Marietta College Physician Assistant Program to become a certified PA. I can, now, work towards graduating as a Certified PA and earn my Masters in Physician Assistant Studies. 

The impact of my grandparents’ deaths played a major role in my decision to pursue a career in medicine. My jobs and experiences have helped me develop many talents such as leadership, strong work ethic, interpersonal skills, teamwork, listening skills, compassion, overcoming challenges, and passion for service. These talents have provided me with the skills and eagerness needed to fulfill my desire to become a Physician Assistant and provide the best treatment for my future patients. The example my grandparents set for me will continue to inspire me to learn and grow in my skills. I know if my grandparents were here today, they would support me through my journey to becoming a future Physician Assistant.

Lincoln Delamarter

Amount: 1000$

From: Madras, OR

College: Grove City College (Music Education)

Bryce Romero

Amount: 1000$

From: New Port Richey, FL

College: University of South Florida (Philosophy)

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